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Third at I-96 Summer Nationals

Bobby picked up his first podium finish of the Summer Nationals on Sunday night with a third place run. Starting third in the 40-lap race, the Smooth Operator moved to second before the field completed the first lap. He then set his sights on the lead, sticking with the leader through the race's opening laps and occasionally looking low for the position. He mounted a mid-race charge to pull to the outside of the leader multiple times between laps 18 and 25 but couldn't make the pass.

"I found a line on the outside and I thought I had a shot there and a couple of laps on the top I knew my tires would go away as I was having to sling it in. The car was too tight getting in for the rubbered up track as it got more and more rubbered up so that was hurting me and the lapped car was off the track and on the track and that screwed up my momentum there and that's when I lost second and that was it for my tires and me."

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