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$10,000 FALS Frenzy Winner at Fairbury!

fairbury may7Bobby put the fans at FALS into a frenzy Saturday night picking up the $10,000 victory in dramatic fashion. Starting ninth in the fifty-lap feature, he fell back to around 14th at one point early on. With green flag racing from the start, a caution would fly with twenty-six laps to go bunching the field up. After going back to green, Bobby's car came to life and he mounted a furious charge on the topside. He slid by Sheppard for fourth with 13 to go. Three laps later he powered by Moyer for third. With seven to go, he dropped down from his preferred top groove to the middle of the track and snuck by Erb down the backstretch for second. With five laps to go, he caught the leader (Pearson) and slid by him going into turns one and two. Pearson battled back into turns three and four as they ran side by side. Bobby took the lead for good as he crossed the line with four laps to go and led the rest of the way, winning by 1.6 seconds at the checkers.

“I honestly did not think we’d have a chance to win the race after starting ninth,” said Pierce, who registered his second triumph of the 2016 season driving his family-owned Pierce Race Car. “I knew if I could kind of get a break we’d have a chance to win it, but I wasn’t thinking we’d win that race.”

“Fairbury’s such a tight racetrack, and when it gets like that it’s so hard to pass,” Pierce said. “You have to have a lot of luck on your side. “We kind of had to just go where they weren’t, but it was kind of hard when my car was so fast up top.”

“It’s always just great racing,” Pierce said of another typically thrilling special event at Fairbury. “Whenever you can come from the fifth row and win a race, it just says a lot about the racetrack. Always fun to win at a place like Fairbury, where my Dad had so much success. I’ll be looking forward to the next time we come here.” -- Rocky Ragusa Photo

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