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$5,000 Tri-State Summer Nationals Winner, $2,000 Heartland Week Champ!

tristate jun26Coming out on top of a battle of slide jobs with Brandon Sheppard Sunday night at Tri-State, Bobby earned his fifth Summer Nationals victory in nine starts and a $5,000 payday. “Oh, man, that was probably one of the craziest races I’ve been in,” Pierce said. “Me and Sheppy were throwing some awesome sliders, and between lapped traffic and everything, it was just crazy. I know he was bouncing off the wall and everything trying to catch me, and I was doing the same thing trying to stay ahead of him, so it was just an awesome race.” Bobby won three out of the five races in the Heartland Tour week and collected enough points earning him a $2,000 prize, the second of five weekly miniseries within the tour.

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