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Bobby Surpasses Bob on All-Time Wins List with Eighth Victory at Peoria!

peoria jul6Bobby overtook Kevin Weaver on the ninth lap and led the rest of the way to capture his eighth Summer Nationals win of the season and 15th of his career Wednesday night at Peoria. With the victory, Bobby surpassed his father Bob on the all-time tour wins list. “It’s just so hard to pass here because you swing out to the wall," Pierce said. "If you’ve got a run on the top, then you always have to check up for the other person. I was trying to make a bottom lane work and (Weaver) got in there and washed up a little bit and got stuck behind the lapped car and I got under there. Peoria’s a racetrack where you’ve got to expect a lot of cars. I’m just glad we got another win. It’s really awesome. The car was great tonight.” -- Todd Battin Photo

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