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From Rear to Second at LaSalle

lasalle mar26Rallying from the back after being forced to pit on lap 27, Bobby charged up through the field Saturday night at LaSalle's Thaw Brawl, falling just a half car length short at the conclusion of the 75-lap race.

“It was a heck of a race,” Pierce said. “The whole time out there it was just so rough and I was pounding the cushion. There’s just such a fine line of making a crazy-fast lap or pushing over the cushion — like I did a lot of times.

“The last lap I knew Brian (Shirley) might be going to the bottom, so I was trying extra hard just to get as close as I could possibly get in case he did. He shot to the bottom and I just wasn’t close enough to be able to do anything. I’m sure I made it exciting … I knew I wasn’t gonna get him, but I was trying to just get as close to his nose as I could. If he would’ve took the bottom just a little bit slower, if he was trying to be cautious or whatever, then I might’ve been able to sneak around the outside but I didn’t want to wreck him coming to the checkers or anything."

Bobby set fast time in qualifying both Friday and Saturday. He was challenging for fifth in the feature on Friday when smoke began appearing from his car and he stopped to bring out a lap 30 yellow, ending his evening. -- Jeff Hall Photo

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