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Show-Me 100 Heartbreaker

Chasing his first crown jewel victory Saturday night at the Show-Me 100, Bobby started 29th in the 30-car field after declining the $2,500 prize for winning the last chance race. "We're gonna put it in the show and try to win $30,000," Bobby said. He came within nine laps of possibly doing just that.

Bobby marched toward the front and by lap 44 he was in the top ten. Five laps later he was seventh. By lap 60 he was inside the top five in fourth. He moved to third on lap 66. Sliding inside of Bloomquist, Bobby took second on lap 85 and looked for the lead. Bloomquist rallied back and passed both Owens and Bobby to lead lap 91. Then on the same lap, Bloomquist spun sideways in turns one and two bringing out a caution and giving the lead to Bobby. Only nine more laps until Bobby could have his first crown jewel! But under caution Bobby slowed with a right-rear flat tire. He came home in sixth place after the 100-lap race.

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