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$10,000 DIRTcar Summer Nationals Winner at Tri-City!

tricity jun17Bobby rebounded from breaking (while leading) the night before as he scored the $10,000 DIRTcar Summer Nationals victory Friday night at Tri-City (IL) Speedway. He started third in the 40-lap race and took the lead on the 27th lap. He pulled out to an over three-second advantage at the checkers. “I actually hit one of the tires shortly before I passed [Erb],” Bobby said. “I hit it coming out of turn four pretty good. I got [it with] the left-front tire and the wheel jumped out of my hand for a second. At that point, Dennis was somewhat leaving the door open, and I’d found a little bit of a line under there that the car wasn’t bouncing so bad. I was able to just get enough momentum and I got around him. The cushion was the place to be, but you had to run it so weird, and it was so treacherous up there that it was hard to run. I started running that bottom and I think I kinda sucked Erb down. Once he started running the bottom and was mixing it up, we were having a hell of a race.”

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