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Another Prairie Dirt Classic Heartbreaker

fairbury jul30It was an eventful Prairie Dirt Classic for Bobby which ended in heartbreak once again. In qualifying on Friday, he had an issue with the rack and pinion which resulted in a lap that was 38th quickest out of the 40 cars in his qualifying group. He was able to rally from his 19th starting spot in his 25-lap preliminary race to grab the fourth and final transfer spot in Saturday night's finale. He started 16th in the 100-lap PDC and quickly started his march to the front. By lap 44, he was in the runner-up position and started hounding the leader. He was unable to get the top spot as the top two navigated through lapped traffic. Bad luck again would strike Bobby in this event as his brakes started to fail around lap 73, and he dropped out of the race on lap 80.

“I don’t know if me driving hard trying to make something happen there with him (Sheppard) is what caused it,” Bobby said. “The track was very choppy. At least it didn’t rubber, but I think we’re all surprised that it got rough like that (around the top). It was a battle of attrition. To run (the cushion) right, you had to run it hard to really get around the corner or else you’d shove or bounce kind of weird. You had to kind of keep the wheels spinning, and of course that’s hard on everything. I guess with that mud getting up in there, there’s nothing we could’ve done. It’s just one of those things. I guess we’ll have to figure out how to make it not happen.” Another year, another disappointing PDC for Bobby as he is now 0-9 in Illinois's biggest race. “It sucks, but it is what it is,” Bobby said. “Sometimes it’s your time, sometimes it’s not. I’m sure along the line sometime, as long as we stay consistent, we’re gonna get (the PDC) one of these times. Someday it will be our turn.”

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