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$5,000 DIRTcar Summer Nationals Winner at Peoria!

peoria jun15Bobby surged into the lead with a daring move on the 11th lap and led the rest of the 40-lap distance to earn his 41st career DIRTcar Summer Nationals win (third all-time) Wednesday night at Peoria (IL) Speedway. He lapped all but seven competitors. “I wasn’t really going for a slider,” Bobby said. “I was kind of going for a pick with a lapped car. I’d say just (during the) Summer Nationals. You know, the lappers are what kind of makes it interesting sometimes. There’s so many you’ve just gotta (maneuver) through them the best you can and not make contact and go on. So, it’s fun racing. You’ve gotta do some crazy moves, that’s for sure. It makes it interesting.”

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