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vado oct26Making a rare Modified start, Bobby piloted his Pierce Platinum to an impressive third place finish against over 50 of the best USRA/USMTS drivers in the finale of the three-day USRA Modified Fall Nationals Sunday night at Vado (NM) Speedway Park. "Had a lot of fun this weekend," Bobby said. "Big thanks to all my family, crew, and sponsors for all the help. Hope I made some new fans out here in the west!" -- James Racing Photo

tricity sep28Bobby picked up his first Modified victory since 2009 as he captured the $5,000 Modified Mania win Saturday night at Tri-City (IL) Speedway. He started 10th in the 40-lap race. "Big thanks to my family, crew, and sponsors," Bobby said. "Shout-out to Mike and Evan Fink for letting me drive their car for the weekend!" -- St. Louis DTR Photo

tricity sep26Bobby took the top spot on the 15th lap as he slid around the outside of the leader in traffic and went on to take the $3,000 DIRTcar Mania win Thursday night at Tri-City (IL) Speedway. He lapped all but six competitors in the 30-lap race. -- St. Louis DTR Photo

quincy5000sep1Taking the lead for good on lap 29, Bobby survived a late-race engine scare to earn a hard fought $5,000 MLRA win Sunday night at Quincy (IL) Raceway. "I was kind of waiting for lapped traffic," Bobby said. "We weren't catching them super-fast so I really had to get up on the wheel. When the leader started changing his line, going a little bit lower on the top, it let me have the cushion. It's hard when you get in the dirty air, you don't want to push and shove off the track. I went down a cylinder I think, maybe two. Something was really wrong and my oil pressure was pretty low. Proud of my team! Big thanks to my family, crew, sponsors, and fans for all that you do!" -- Lloyd Collins Photo

Charging around the high side, Bobby caught the leader in late-race lapped traffic but didn't quite have enough to overtake him as he settled for a podium finish of third in the Dirt Million opener Thursday night at Mansfield (OH) Speedway. “I think lapped traffic was my best shot,” Bobby said. “I really had a roll going there. It seemed like those guys were getting a little bit slower and I just had to finesse my lines a little bit with that big hole in turn three. I wanted to charge that corner to get a good entrance but every time you had to back off and float through there. Had a really good car...needed a few more laps.”

i55 5000aug17A last minute decision to head to Pevely paid off as Bobby collected a $3,000 MARS victory Saturday night at I-55 (MO) Raceway. Starting on the pole after winning his heat race and setting fast time in qualifying, Bobby took the lead on the 10th lap and stayed out front the rest of the way. "That last caution made me really nervous, because last time that happened it bit me in the butt," Bobby said. "Luckily I got a good restart."

viper risk managementBobby Pierce Racing and Viper Motorsports Company are partnering for the remainder of the 2019 and for the 2020 racing season. Bobby Pierce Racing will be sporting the Lisa & Shawn Martin’s Viper Risk Management Group logo along with some associate sponsors from the Viper Motorsports camp, as the Smooth Operator will be powered with Viper’s Pro Power Racing Engines along with some of Pierce's own Pro Power motors moving forward. Bill & Josie Schlieper’s Pro Power Racing Engines are a key component and a huge part of both Pierce’s and Viper’s on track success and will look to make an already strong #32 team stronger with this new partnership. Pro Power has been a long-term partner of Bobby Pierce Racing and has powered the Viper entry for the past three seasons. Pro Power builds some of the best motors utilized in all of Dirt Late Model racing. The first event for the new partnership will be the World 100 at Tony Stewart’s famed Eldora Speedway on September 5th-7th.

In 2020, Viper Motorsports’s product partner, Schaeffer Racing Oil by Doug Smith, will be joining the effort. Schaeffer Racing Oil manufacturers some of the best racing fluids on the market and has worked flawlessly for the Viper Motorsports camp the past three seasons.

One day Bobby will join his dad as a winner of the Prairie Dirt Classic...that day is not today. On his way to victory Saturday night after dominating the 100-lap showcase, 20 years after his dad scored his third PDC, Bobby lost the lead in turn four on the final lap after contact as a result of an attempted slide job by the second place car. After gathering up his car, Bobby crossed the finish line in third. Miraciously, he was able to fight the cushion lap-after-lap and contend for the win with no power steering. “On lap zero, I was thinking, ‘okay, how many laps am I going to make it before I pull in?’” Bobby said. “Ever since I pulled out of the pit area, I didn’t have, or had very little, power steering. After we made about eight laps, I had almost none. At times, I had two hands on top of the steering wheel just to turn it back left so I didn’t hit the wall coming out of the corner.”

fairbury jul26Bobby surged into the lead at the start from his outside front row starting position and stayed out front for the remainder of the 25-lap distance to score the $2,500 Prairie Dirt Classic preliminary victory Friday night at Fairbury (IL) Speedway. He will now be assured of a top eight starting position in the 100-lap Prairie Dirt Classic on Saturday night. -- Jim DenHamer Photo

i80 jul20Bobby got redemption Saturday night as he earned his biggest paying victory of his career in the Silver Dollar Nationals at I-80 (NE) Speedway! He came within three laps of the win in last year's race before engine trouble forced him out. “After what happened last year, I was on a mission,” Bobby said. “365 days to think about it … that was my biggest victory that ever got away from me by far.” This year, he started closer to the front (6th vs. 28th in 2018), and after trading the lead back and forth in the middle stages of the race, he was able to take the top spot for good on lap 66 and pull away to an over three second win...cashing in on a $53,000 payday! "I had some trouble on the restarts," Bobby said. "My dad was showing me different signals and wanting me to do more stuff out there. Luckily there wasn’t a caution with a few laps to go because it really could have been interesting. The World 100 is the World 100, but this is the biggest paying race I’ve ever won. After what happened last year with breaking after we knew we were probably gonna get the job done, this is right up there. It’s just sweet. And I really needed it because this is the first year I’m really on my own. My parents obviously help me, but winning this money tonight definitely helps. Thanks to my crew for keeping the bolts tight on everything. Thanks to all the fans for coming out and thanks to Joe Kosiski for all he does for the fans and the racers. Jeff Hoker and Mike Berger are here tonight, thanks to them for their support." Runner-up Chris Madden had this to say on Bobby's performance..."He puts his car in positions I am not sure anyone else can. He earned the win.” -- Heath Lawson Photo

The rain-plagued DIRTcar Summer Nationals wrapped up on Saturday. Bobby finished second in the 18-race tour. He picked up two wins, with 13 top fives, and 16 top tens. "Congrats to Brian Shirley on a well deserved Summer Nationals championship," Bobby said. "Glad for it to be over. Now we can go home and regroup."

thunderbird jul10Rallying from deep in the field, Bobby kept his title hopes alive with a runner-up finish Wednesday night at Thunderbird (MI) Raceway. He suffered a flat tire while leading his heat race which resulted in a 24th place starting position in the 40-lap feature. It took him only 13 laps to reach the top five. After a lap 26 restart, he came within inches of taking the lead. “It was a lot of fun getting through there, having to dodge everybody going through the pack,” Bobby said. “I knew we had to get to the front to keep our championship chase alive, because if we finished 10th or something, that would’ve be really bad. And it was really rough, so it was making cars go from the bottom to the top and top to the bottom. Guys were all over the place. Luckily I got through there and was fast enough to get to second and even challenge Brian for the win. I think I just about led a lap, but all in all, it was a good night considering what happened in the heat race. That’s what you’ve got to do to win these championships — you’ve got to salvage a bad night, and we did. So on a night like this, with how it went, to get second to Brian, I’ll take that.” Earlier in the night, he set a new track record in qualifying. He leads the tour points by eight with three races remaining. -- Jim DenHamer Photo

sycamore10000jul8Leading all 50 laps, Bobby picked up his second DIRTcar Summer Nationals win Monday night at Sycamore (IL) Speedway. "I was searching hard for traction," Bobby said. "We went with what we did and I guess it paid off because I got the lead there. Halfway through though, and from there, I was just really struggling. I could not get any bite. The only bite I had was when I was actually kind of banging off the wall and let the car absorb some of the hit and take off again and just use that very little bit of cushion up there. That was probably the slickest racetrack I’ve ever been on. It was a pretty tricky day. I think a lot of these tracks coming up will be pretty slick like that. Hopefully we can just fine-tune on this setup a little bit more." In addition to the $10,000 payday, Bobby also collected the $2,000 weekly bonus. He now leads the tour points by 13 with four races left. -- Terry Page Photo

fayetteco7500jul6After five second place finishes, Bobby finally broke through Saturday night at Fayette County (IL) Speedway as he dominated the 50-lap DIRTcar Summer Nationals feature. Starting outside of the front row, he led all but the opening lap as he built up a lead of over four and a half seconds at one point. “It was an emotional victory,” Bobby said. “It’s a long time coming. This Summer Nationals series is tough right now, especially when you’ve got guys like (Mike) Marlar dropping in tonight. That’s exactly how it needs to go every night. We need to qualify good, win our heat race and get a good draw so we can start up front and run our own race.” With the win, Bobby has moved into the Summer Nationals points lead with six races remaining. -- Jimmy Dearing Photo

farmercity jul5In a similar scenario as Thursday night, Bobby was oh so close to victory again Friday night at Farmer City (IL) Raceway. Running right with the leader (Babb) lap-after-lap on the top early, Bobby threw everything he had at him as he tried the bottom and middle grooves hoping to have enough to get by but the high side had too much momentum. The first caution of the race on lap 37 ended Bobby's charge and he would eventually lose second late to come home third. “It was a fun race,” Bobby said. “Just wish that caution wouldn’t have came out. I had Babb set up. But that’s the way it goes. … I wish I could have got around Babb. Not that he was slow, because he was really fast. I felt like we were just a tick better. When you get behind cars and you’ve got that dirty air, it’s hard let alone stay with them, but to pass them is super tough. That one time I had him set up an that caution came out. Eventually we’ll get some luck on our side.” -- Jimmy Dearing Photo

macon jul4For the fifth time in the first ten DIRTcar Summer Nationals races, Bobby finished second Thursday night at Macon (IL) Speedway. It was not without controversy, however. Bobby took the checkered flag after the 100-lap race and appeared to finally grab his first tour win of the season, but it was determined that due to a caution for a stalled car on the backstretch, one lap would be put back on the scoreboard. As a result, Bobby lost the lead coming out of turn four coming to the second checkered flag of the race. “It’s one of them bad timing deals, I guess,” Bobby said. “When it’s not your time to win, it’s not your time to win. It just goes with anything. I didn’t hear them say caution, so I was about damn near crossing the checkered flag. I had my hand out the window and by then I think my adrenaline had picked up. I don’t think it had really calmed down before we took the green flag again. I was pretty heated that we didn’t have a called race. But I also couldn’t get the thing into low gear, so I was hitting it and hitting it. Just things like that that make you not really as calm. I kind of went in turn one on that green flag with one to go and kind of went in there too calm. The car pushed a little bit because I didn’t charge the corner. I was being a little cautious. So it made a shove and by the time I got a little bit free, these Pierce cars don’t turn as far right as the Rocket cars do, and I needed just that little bit more.”

After further review, DIRTcar officials determined that an error had been made and Bobby was awarded the $5,000 winner's pay, but was not given the win or points. -- Jimmy Dearing Photo

terre haute jun28In a caution-free 30-lap DIRTcar Summer Nationals race Friday at Terre Haute (IN) Action Track, Bobby rallied from his eighth starting position to score his fourth second place finish of the tour. “It’s a heckuva racetrack,” Bobby said. “I always wanted to race here up on the (outside) fence, and finally I got to do it. …. another good points night and I’m finally making some money now, and that’s good.” -- Todd Battin Photo

peoria jun26For the second consecutive night, Bobby finished second in the 40-lap DIRTcar Summer Nationals race Wednesday at Peoria (IL) Speedway. Starting third, he challenged for the lead early before the track locked down on the bottom in the second half of the race with passing becoming difficult. "I was kind of just hoping he'd (Shirley) make a mistake in the lapped traffic," Bobby said. "But he drove a heckuva a race and just kept it where he needed to and hung on to win." -- Brendon Bauman Photo

tricity jun25After a tangle between the top two cars on the final lap Tuesday at Tri-City (IL) Speedway while running third, Bobby picked up his second runner-up finish of the DIRTcar Summer Nationals tour. “That last lap was just pretty exciting. I don’t really know what to say," Bobby said. “You gotta be fast, and you gotta be lucky. Lately our car’s been a little off, and tonight I feel like we made pretty big gains.” -- Rick Neff Photo

jacksonville jun18Starting on the pole, Bobby looked to be on his way to his first DIRTcar Summer Nationals win of the season Tuesday night at Jacksonville (IL) Speedway as he built up a three-second advantage by lap 15. Leading the first 37 laps of the 40-lap affair, Bobby got hung up in traffic allowing Sheppard to get by on the bottom. “You never know what’s really going on behind you,” Bobby said. “I seen B-Shepp there, but I was just hoping they were gonna give me a little hole and I was gonna shoot in there and slide ‘em, but the next corner, Brandon got under both of them and he kinda just came on up and they had to get on the brakes. Next time I just need to be a little more aggressive, but at the same time you don’t want to tear your stuff up, take a chance trying to rough them out of the way and you end up spinning out. You don’t want that. All in all, second is a good points night." -- Brendon Bauman Photo

quincy3000may5Rolling off second in the 40-lap MLRA feature Sunday night at Quincy (IL) Raceway, Bobby shot to the lead at the start and enjoyed clear track for the first ten laps until lapped traffic would slow his advantage. As the top side of the track began to take rubber, Bobby had to stay in line and follow the lapped cars ahead of him. Needing to be mistake-free and not allow his competitors to get to his inside, he was flawless as he completed the weekend sweep with a $3,000 win, his fourth consecutive victory and sixth out of the last seven races. "If I had a mirror I would have probably been nervous, but I had my dad with the sticks down the backstretch, and for the majority of the race his sticks were really close, so I knew they were right there on me," Bobby said. "It was a fun race."

westliberty5000may4Bobby utilized the top side momentum from his second starting spot to seize control down the backstretch at the start of the 25-lap MLRA main event and distanced himself from the field as he picked up his second victory of the weekend Saturday night at West Liberty (IA) Raceway. "I've got to give a big thanks to my crew, I guess all the nuts and bolts stayed tight on this thing. It was a little choppy out there, so just glad we hung onto it. Besides the track being a little rough it was a pretty fun place," Bobby said in victory lane. -- Lloyd Collins Photo

stuart3000may2Starting 13th in the 40-lap MLRA feature Thursday night at Stuart (IA) Speedway, Bobby didn't stay there long as he charged through the field to take the lead on lap 16 and held on to capture the $3,000 win. "I was really glad that they stayed down in three and four just enough for me to get around," Bobby said. "It was a pretty tricky track with the different corners. There are not a whole lot of places that get like that, but when they do I like it because I'm always trying to watch the race track and adjust to what it's doing. I'm really glad that we drove six hours to get here. It (Stuart Speedway) turned out to be a really nice place." -- Lloyd Collins Photo

34 10555 apr20Taking the lead with seven laps to go, Bobby held on to collect his third Slocum 50 win of his career Saturday night at 34 (IA) Raceway. Starting fourth in the 50-lap race, he stayed within sight of the leaders in the first half of the event before making his late-race charge. "It might have taken about 30 laps for my front tires to get warmed up," Bobby said. "Running on this hard tire rule is a little different. All night it felt a little slimy until the track really got black like these tires like, and it let us put on a good show for the fans." On lap 32, he made the pass for second and then went after the leader. Charging around the outside of turn four, he assumed command as lap 43 was completed. "Man, that was a tough race, but probably one of the funnest I have ran." -- Dennis Krieger Photo

peoria5000apr13Bobby started on the pole but fell back to third before mounting a rally on the outside to grab the lead and held on to score the $5,000 Hamilton Memorial win Saturday night at Peoria (IL) Speedway. "It was a really fun race," Bobby said. "Big thanks to my family, crew, sponsors, and fans for all the continued support!" -- Brendon Bauman Photo

tricity2000apr12Bobby started on the pole and led from start to finish as he held off a strong field of cars to capture the $2,000 Deuces Wild victory Friday night at Tri-City (IL) Speedway. He swept the night as he was the fastest qualifier and also won his heat race. -- Josh James Photo

farmercity apr6After struggling with the setup on preliminary night Friday, and qualifying mid-pack Saturday, Bobby rebounded during the 75-lap Illini 100 main event as he rallied from his 16th starting position to get on the podium with a third place finish. He patiently worked his way to the front, trying different lanes, until he started to get rolling on the top as he cracked the top five by lap 50. He ran as high as second, but fell to third late. "How the weekend started, I feel like we did a complete 180, because we were way out in left field," Bobby said. "I’m pretty happy with a third place." -- Josh James Photo

lasalle mar31Bobby was within a handful of laps of scoring his second Thaw Brawl victory Sunday afternoon at LaSalle (IL) Speedway, but a slower lapped car hindered his progress on the inside line and allowed the second place car to surge around Bobby on the outside to take the lead and the win. Bobby started seventh in the 75-lap American Ethanol Series race and took the lead on lap 66. “Man, that could’ve went either way,” Bobby said. “It was a heck of a track. It had some holes here and there, but that adds character. I just wish we could’ve gotten the win. Had a lot of fun and it was a great race, especially in the day." -- Jim DenHamer Photo

florence5000mar23After five consecutive DNFs, Bobby got a much-needed victory Saturday night at Florence (KY) Speedway. Taking the lead on the 20th lap, he pulled away to a commanding lead en route to the $5,000 win. "Can't thank my crew and my family enough," Bobby said in victory lane. "Thanks to all the fans for coming out." -- Dirtstar Photo

new zealandBobby won both his heat races and started on the pole of Friday night's Super Saloon feature at Waikaraka Family Speedway. He looked to be on his way to victory until he shredded his left rear tire. This was the theme of Bobby's trip to New Zealand as another flat tire last week at Robertson Holden Speedway resulted in another DNF. One thing is for sure, they knew Bobby was there.

Coming off a successful trip to Arizona in January that saw him capture three wins in six starts, Bobby has released the rest of his tentative schedule for the 2019 season. After following a national tour for the first time in 2018, he will return to an "outlaw" type schedule this season as he travels to the biggest paying races in the Midwest. He plans to follow the DIRTcar Summer Nationals tour again as he goes after his fourth title. In addition, he will race in many Lucas, World of Outlaws, MARS, MLRA, and Ethanol series races throughout the season.

arizona jan11Taking his third consecutive Wild West Shootout win Friday night at Arizona Speedway, Bobby collected a $10,000 bonus to go along with his $5,000 race earnings. He started on the pole of the 30-lap race but fell back to fourth early on before taking over the lead on lap 20 and stayed out front the rest of the way. “I didn’t think I was going to (win). That was by far my hardest Wild West Shootout win. Lapped traffic there really helped me out. We kind of missed a little bit on the setup — I know my dad will disagree — it was a heckuva car, but (we missed) just a little bit." -- Photo Finish Photo

arizona jan9Bobby stayed unbeaten out west with his second consecutive Wild West Shootout victory Wednesday night at Arizona Speedway. After starting outside of the front row, he led all but the opening lap as he collected $5,000 and is now one win away from earning some bonus money with four races left to run. “It’s definitely a little bit more pressure, but I’m a lot more relaxed to know that we’ve got a good car. Hopefully everything stays together … man, this is awesome,” Bobby said. “I love this track. It’s just the perfect shape and it just fits me really well and this Rocket Chassis was doing really good tonight.” -- Mike Ruefer Photo

arizona jan5Taking the lead on the 13th lap, Bobby held on to win the opener of the six-race Wild West Shootout Saturday night at Arizona Speedway. Once out front, he distanced himself from his competition until coming out of turn four on the final lap when a slower car held Bobby up, but he was able to hold off Bloomquist at the line in a photo finish. “That was a heckuva finish there and I’m so glad that it went my way," Bobby said. "The picture showed I was just a nose ahead. I barely pulled it off. It was awesome." -- Photo Finish Photo

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